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Headquarter -

Kurtköy Sanayi Mahallesi
Ensar Caddesi No. 3
34912 Pendik/Istanbul
Foundation: 1 May 2009

PETER-LACKE Türkiye is located in the Asian part of Istanbul and can quickly and reliably serve the whole of Turkey.

References and Markets
References are available from the following market sectors:

  • Glass industry (decorative glass): Güral Cam, Paşabahçe, Akcam;
  • Automobile: Mercedes, Temsa, Eltesan
  • Household appliances / consumer electronics: Arçelik.

PETER-LACKE Türkiye has its own sales structure and dangerous goods storage facilities. Qualified employees are available for production, delivery ex warehouse and visits to and consultation of customers. In 2010, a varnish developer of Turkish origin who has been working in the German head office for many years will join the team to ensure prompt performance of selection processes on site according to German formulae. A laboratory based on the German model has already been set up for this purpose.

Company Profile
PETER-LACKE Türkiye was founded in spring 2009. Up to now the wide product range of the German parent company has been delivered ex warehouse. Moreover, a selection process for series production is available which guarantees a qualified all-inclusive programme including process monitoring ranging from product development to series launch. In this context, the parent company's decades of experience an international connections an important role. German know-how provided by PETER-LACKE is highly respected in Turkey, especially as regards ecological, future-oriented, low.solvent and solvent-free systems.

PETER-LACKE has been active in Slovakia since the late 1980s. We are currently represented here by the Holudus company in the plastic processing sector.

PETER-LACKE Hungary Kft.
Velegi ut 2
8060 Mór, Hungary
Foundation: 28 May 2003

PETER-LACKE Hungary is located in the southwest of Budapest in central Hungary, has ideal traffic connections an serves as a logistics centre for South East Europe.

References and Markets
References from the following sectors:

  • Consumer electronics: Samsung, Philips, Sony
  • Household appliances: Electrolux
  • Automotive: Suzuki, Opel, Audi
  • Toys: LGB.

PETER-LACKE Hungaria Hungary is becoming a hub for South East Europe. From Mór, a team of 12 employees serves the whole Hungary as well as customers in Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria. Under the management of Alfred Kaufmann, who has many years of experience in this sectore, the company operates its own development laboratory and production plant on the basis of know-how by the German parent company.

Company Profile
Highly qualified paint engineers in the development laboratory and trained sales staff on site are available for the full range of surface technology know-how. They ensure qualified consultation, the development of practical formulae and reliable process monitoring at the customerÄs site. Deliveries from stock are made quickly and flexibly within 24 hours.

PETER-LACKE Polska SP. z.o.o.
Ul. Zernicka 9
PL-55 010 Sw. Katarzyna
Foundation: 12 May 1998

The head office of PETER-LACKE Polska is in Swieta Katarzyna, about 10 km from Wroclaw.

References and Markets
References in the following sectors:

  • Household appliances: BSH, Philips, Electrolux, Whirlpool, LG;
  • Automotive interior and exterior: GM, Volvo, aluminium car rims;
  • Plastic on construction sites: Vox, consumer electronics;
  • Glass industry


The location consists laboratory, production, sales and administration. PETER-LACKE Polska develops its own purchasing department. The qualified sales representives serve the whole of Poland. Deliveries from stock within 24 hours underline the organisation's mobility.



Company Profile
The German parent company had been exporting goods to Poland since the late 1980s befor PETER-LACKE Polska was founded in 1998. The company is a joint venture with Peter Pilat, the on-site CEO.
Decisive advantages for customers are the development laboratories and production plants on site. Swift decision-making processes and practical solutions are a major strength.
PETER-LACKE Polska's full service includes process audits at customers, training schemes, plant consultancy and technical optimisation of paint shops.

PETER-LACKE Malaysia SDN. BHD. was founded in July 2003 as a subsidiary with its head office in Shah Alam near Kuala Lumpur. The main customers are the local car manufacturer Proton and its suppliers. In 2005, a branch was opened in Penang (North Malaysia) which caters to the regional consumer electronics manufacturers. 22 employees currently work at both sites. General Manager is Mr. Jimmy Lee.

The site in Togliatti was founded as a branch/representation office in 2006.

ul. Borovaya, 7, bld. 7
111020 Moscow
Foundation: 27 January 2005

The head office of PETER-LACKE Russia has been located in Moscow since 2005. In 2008, a service centre was opened here and a branch was established in Togliatti, Samara.

References and Markets
References in the following sectors:

  • Automotive interior and exterior: GM and Avtovaz/Lada;
  • car rims: Azovtech
  • Glass: Istock, Gallaxy;
  • plastic: Schneider-Elektrik
  • Household appliances / consumer electronics: Bosch, Siemens

PETER-LACKE currently has 7 employees who service customers via the locations in Moscow and Togliatti. The sales focus lies in the central region, the Volga area, the St. Petersburg region, Novosibirsk and the CIS states. The team around general director Evgeni Ragulin has introduced modern paint know-how of the German parent company to users in Russia.
PETER-LACKE Russia has its own development laboratory, warehouse and training facilities for cooperation based on partnership. Deliveries are effected from the Russian warehouse. The company is regularly present at the Interlakokraska and Mir Stekla trace fairs.

Company Profile
Qualified chemists and paint engineers with many years of practice and international experience are available to meet customer demands. A 24/24 service is available which includes the delivery of proven standards as well as the development of tailor-made modifications. Moreover, users are trained on site or in the Moscow service centre and process monitoring up to series launch is provided.
In this way "technology made in Germany" is being established in various industrial sectors.

Peter-Lacke México S.A. de C.V.
Santa Rosa Jauregul
Parque Industrial Querétaro,
Av. Benito Juárez No. 113
CP.76220 Querétaro, Qro.
Foundation: 19 June 2007

The company has a central location in Mexico in Querétaro.

References and Markets

PETER-LACKE México has its own development laboratory, a production unit and a warehouse. Thanks to German technology in combination with domestic manufacturing the following references are available:

  • Automotive: VW, GM, Chrysler, Delphi;
  • Household appliances: GE, Mabe, Whirlpool, Samsung;

Five employees service the large area from Mazatlan and Monterey in the north down to Vera Cruz and Acapulco in the south. Thanks to the company's favourable location at the intersection of the East-West and South-North highways the are can be travelled every day. The team's flexibility ensures prompt service an quick deliveries from the central warehouse.

Company Profile
All employees hav know-how in paint and application technology and habe practical experience in the sector.
Thanks to the international experience of the German parent company, PETER-LACKE México is integrated in a global network and can supply South America and support the US industry in the Asian market in the context of global projects via PETER-LACKE Shanghai.

PETER-LACKE India Pvt. Ltd.
D-369, TTC Industrial Area
Navi Mumbai - 400 706
Foundation: 5th December 2007

The company is located 40 kilometres east of the industrial metropolis of Mumbai, former Bombay, and just 100 kilometres from Pune where the Indian automobile industry is situated.

References and Markets
The focus lies on customers from the following industrial sectors:

  • Automotive interior and exterior: Tata, VW, Skoda, GM;
  • Glass production: hollow glassware, cosmetics packaging.

The company was founded in 2007. A 1,700 m² large area was rented in Navi Mumbai. In November 2008, offices, laboratories, warehouses and production facilities were put into service on this site.

Company Profile
Due to the high import duties and the problematic infrastructure of the huge subcontinent PETER-LACKE India was set up as a limited company from the start which also provides laboratory services in line with production and individual customer demands. To this aim, specialised staff with international experience is available for development and customer advisory service. This allows the team to adapt the parent company's formulae tried and tested in many countries all over the world to the Indian market using domestic raw materials.

The site in Shenzen, Shanghai was opened in 2006 as a branch/representation office of the subsidiary Peter-Lacke Shanghai Co. Ltd.

PETER-LACKE (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
No. 369 Chuhua Branch Road
Fengxian Sub-Zone
Shanghai Chemical Industry Park
Shanghai 201417

Foundation: 29 August 2003

The head office is located in the Fengxian industrial area in the south of Pudong, and there is a representation office with a laboratory and a warehouse in Shenzhen.

References and Markets
References in the following sectors:

  • Automotive interior and exterior: VW, Audi, SGM, Ford;
  • Household appliances: Braun, Gillette, BSH, Melitta, Miele;
  • Consumer electronics: Kodak, Sony, Ericsson;
  • Metal processing; glass industry.

PETER-LACKE Shanghai was founded in Pudong (Kangqiao) in 2003. Due to strong expansion the company was relocated from the Fengxian chemical district in the south of Pudong to a roughly 3000 m² large site. Over 120 employees work here and at the Shenzhen location.
The company produces market-oriented paint systems based on German know-how which meet the demands of Chinese and international customers.

Phone: 0086-21-681 834 68
Fax: 0086-21-681 831
General Manager: Jianfeng Mu

Company Profile
PETER-LACKE had already been supplying goods to Chinese automobile suppliers from Germany by container since 1994 before a sales organisation for servicing direct customers was founded in 1998. PETER-LACKE Shanghai has had its own research and development department since 2003. Sales activities are based on a key account organisation for all target sectors. The sales range consists of proven standards and tailor-made products which are delivered from a well stocked warehouse. PETER-LACKE Shanghai is certified in accordance with automobile standard TS 16949. All goods are thus subject to examination within a quality management system.

The head office with the parent plant and the central administration is located in Hiddenhausen in Eastern Westphalia, Germany. From here 115 employees supply the German market and increasingly the strongly growing international markets.



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